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Welcome to Ani-Cats!

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Ani-Cats are an immersive experience in breeding in Second Life. Ani-Cats are animated mesh objects, with sounds and personalities. During your breeding of Ani-Cats, you will find many different coat patterns, colors, irises, pupils and whiskers.

Because we're so certain that you'll want to get your own Ani-Cat breedable pet as soon as possible, here's the link to the Ani-Cats Store.
Ani-Cats wants an active community and an active chat group. Are you stalled in your breeding? Maybe you want a breeding buddy? Feel free to chat about your breeding experience, needs or desires in the Ani-Cat group chat.

Your Ani-Cats can create kittens until they are 120 days old.

Every 9 days, a female Ani-Cat can provide you with another cute little kitten.

In a recent study, Ani-Cats have been credited with improving the health of their owners and extending longevity by up to 8.5 years!

Now that you've read about our kitties, why not get started right away? Come on over right now to get your purrfect pet, the Ani-Cat!

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