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Breeder Showcase

The images below have been submitted by Ani-Cat breeders. If you have images you'd like posted on this page, please offer them up as full-perm images in the mailbox at the Ani-Cat Store. We will select some of those submissions for inclusion on this page, and they may also make it onto the cycling picture displays inside the store.

If you have a short caption you'd like to go with your picture, please drop in a notecard that matches that name of the texture you dropped into the mailbox and let us know how best to describe your picture.

This little sweetie was bought from another breeder and birthed on June 5, 2022. This is a pretty little Half-Faced Calico, with a reserved personality that just loves her hooman! "What a sweetie! =)", says Marcie.
Marcy Thorne

We can just imagine Atchy saying "You give them a soft bed and they want to sleep on the shelf - just like a cat!"
Atchy Littlepaws

This is Mara's baby, Stark, showing mommy what the sky looked like on Christmas Eve.
Mara Crisp

When you're good all year, you get the best presents from Santa!
Atchy Littlepaws

Aww, who's a sleepy blue tabby?
Eva Zeppelin

Is that tabby humming a tune?
"I'm as special as can be
You cats all want to look like me!"
Mara Crisp