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Starters and Bundles - Oh My!!

A starter is an Ani-Cat that you have purchased from the store. A bundle is an Ani-Cat born of Ani-Cat parents.
Starters can be purchased at the store in the following configurations:

One random gender cat: This option is great for those that just want to have a cat around for the fun experience.

A pair of cats, one male and one female: For those that want to jump in on the fun of breeding, this is an excellent choice.

Two pairs of cats, two males and two females: This option is for those that want the full experience of breeding. We know that you know that we know... Well, let's just say that we know that you recognize Ani-Cats as a superb product and you're looking for the best possible start on your Ani-Cat adventure, purchasing every product along the way :)

A starter carrier is easily identified by the hovertext. Once rezzed, click on the carrier, noticing the words 'Ani-Cats Starter' at the top.
A kitten carrier contains a kitten that was bred by you or someone else. They are easily identified by the hovertext as well. Simply touch the carrier and notice the words 'Ani-Cats Offspring' at the top.
All of our starters and kitten bundles come in carriers with air vents around the top of the container. We care about the health of the kitten, even before it sees the light of day. And for all those that are interested, our carriers are fully recyclable, in order to help protect our virtual world and its limited resources.

To birth the kitten simply click the carrier.
A pop up appears.
Choose Birth
In a few moments your brand new Ani-Cats kitten will appear in your Ani-Cat Bed. Once the kitten is fully configured it will move automatically from the bed to the location the original carrier was located. After the kitten has moved to this location, feel free to place it wherever you’d like. Don’t forget to set home and range via your HUD.
You’ll also notice when you click the carrier there is another button titled 'STATS'. Choosing this button will put the stats of that kitten in your nearby chat, making it easy to share the kitty's info with friends either in group or in IM.