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What Web Pages Can I See?

There are many web pages available on this site for both logged in and anonymous visitors. In this section, we'll try to describe those pages for you.
As an anonymous visitor, you have access to all the generic pages of our web site. Those include:
  • Ani-Cats Home Page:

  • About Ani-Cats: This section includes over a dozen useful pages to learn about Ani-Cats

  • Breeder Showcase is a display of some breeder's Ani-Cats pictures made available to Ani-Cats
  • Calendar: Find out what's coming up for Ani-Cats.

  • Ani-Cats Traits: This page shows traits bred into Ani-Cats by our breeders, including percentages on how often those traits have appeared

Once you have logged in with your avatar's legacy name and the password available from your Ani-Cat HUD, you have access to much more information.
  • My Cat Info: This page will show you all cats owned by you that have NOT been sent to Purradise, including useful information about those cats.
    Each cat has an ID button that can be pressed to take you to the ancestry and food/milk history page.
    If you have Purradise Points on your account, there is a button above your cat list that will take you to the Purradise Point page

  • My Purchases: This page will show you your purchases made via Ani-Cat vendors or from your food and milk rezzed on your land.

  • Assistance: On this page, you can file support tickets, and check on the status of tickets you've filed in the past.

  • Recent Pets: The Recent Pets page will show you a list of pets born to breeders in the last 7 days. Each pet has an ID button that can be pressed to go to the ancestry and food/milk history page.

  • Contests: The Contests page will show you information about current and past contests offered by Ani-Cats. In the case of current contests, the data displayed is as current as the time you selected the page for display. This affords a level of transparency for our contests in that breeders can see who's leading over time. This also allows breeders to understand that winners are not chosen based upon a 'favored' status, but rather by the criteria of the contest itself.

  • Quizzical Purr-Suits: This page will allow breeders to see the questions asked for a Quizzical Purr-Suit challenge, the available answers on the dialog box (if applicable), the correct answer, the offered prize and the winner of that contest.

  • Update History: This page will show you updates applied to Ani-Cat products over the last 90 days. From here, we try to identify bugs that may have been corrected as well as new features that were added to our products.

There are some pages that you access indirectly, with buttons from other connected pages. These include:
  • Purradise Points Register: This page shows you purradise points you've earned or spent, from the newest transaction to the oldest. You can reach this page from the 'My Cat Info' page.

  • Ani-Cat Ancestry: This page will show the traits for an Ani-Cat to the right. To the left of this Ani-Cat is the data for parents. If applicable, to the left of the parents are the grandparents for this specific cat.
    Below the lineage/trait display, you will find a section for offspring of the selected Ani-Cat, if that cat does, in fact, have offspring.
    In the lineage and offspring sections, each identified Ani-Cat provides a clickable button, which will reset the Ancestry page to focus on the newly selected pet.

    Finally, the lowest section of the page is for display of food and milk consumption, including the date and time of the activity, what was consumed, and how it impacted food and health levels, or reproductive levels.
    If your cat is sick, or it is not progressing through reproductive states, the consumption section is the first place to look for clues as to why the cat is in the state it is.

    You can reach the Ancestry page from either the 'My Cat Info' page or from the 'Recent Pets' page.