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Quizzical Purr-Suits
Your HUD based trivia game!

Ani-Cats are a lot of fun to breed and play with. You can even take them shopping or dancing with you!

But, did you know that you can win prizes and money through Ani-Cats?

Oh yes, you can! Just head over to the Ani-Cat store and grab a free Ani-Cat HUD. Oh, and make sure you wear your HUD all the time!

Periodically, and often without warning, your HUD will throw a question at you in a dialog box. Quite often, these questions are multiple choice, however they could be 'essay questions' where you must type an answer.

When you get a Quizzical Purr-Suit question, you are also informed about the prize(s) being offered for that question and you are told how much time you will have to provide an answer before it is simply ignored by the server.

As you answer your question, you will be informed as to whether you were correct or not, and if correct, you will be told how many people answered in less time than you did.

Regardless of whether you answered correctely or not, your entry is recorded on the server for participation in the contest. At the end of each full month of contests, participants can win some pretty good prizes JUST FOR TRYING!

What's a 'pretty good prize'? Well, it could be Linden dollars, on a larger scale than you would see during any single contest. It could be a nicely traited cat or two. It might be a case of food for your clowder. Or...consider this: what if you won a prize that could give you answers to future quizzes? Oh my!

So, what do you have to do?

  • Go to the Ani-Cat store and get a free HUD
  • Ensure your HUD is version 1.45 or greater so it will support quizzes
  • Wear your HUD any time you're logged in so you can see the quizzes when they are offered
  • Answer as accurately and as quickly as you can
  • Sit back, enjoy Quizzical Purr-Suits and enjoy your potential prize winnings!

Oh, and what do you have to pay to be able to win these prizes?

You pay absolutely nothing at all!

Would you like to know who's been winning the contests and what they won? You can learn that at Quizzical Purr-Suits results.