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Purradise: The Purr‑petual Pet Playground

What is Purradise?
Ani-Cats realizes that you can’t keep every cat that you breed. Whether it’s prim count, or not something that you want to keep, or whatever your reason. So we’ve come up with a program called Purradise.
So what is Purradise you ask? And what does sending kitties to Purradise get you?

Purradise is a program where you can select the cat that you feel you no longer want or need, and redeem it for Purradise points.

This is a program that will be constantly evolving. You can come to the store and check out the Purradise vendor. This vendor will show you what is available for you to purchase with your purradise points and how many points that item will cost. We have many ideas for the items that will go into this vendor, from simple things like food or milk to exclusive coats and objects that when used with your cat may give you something special in return. So keep your eyes on that vendor.

Just touch the appropriate cat and then use your HUD to select the Purradise button. A pop up box will appear asking you to confirm if you really want to send your kitty to Purradise and it will also let you know how many points sending this kitty to Purradise will give you.

If you select the button to 'Purradise' the selected cat, your kitty will send you a message in local and will then be sent to Purradise to have fun catching fish, climbing trees, and eating squish (squish is wet cat food).

This kitty will be removed from the your cats tab of the website but their breeding information will still be able to be seen in the lineages of it’s offspring. Choosing the keep button will keep your kitty with you. Purradise is a 'purr'manent option, meaning there is no way to bring back a kitty that you have sent to Purradise. Make sure that is what you want to do BEFORE clicking the Purradise button.