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Ani‑Cats Potions: Explained

Ani-Cats allow the breeder to make use of a variety of potions. Do you have to use them? No, not at all. You can still have a very fun and rewarding experience with your cats. But, in case you have an interest in the potions, this page will provide an explanation describing what each potion can do for your Ani-Cat.

Growth Spurt Potion: Are you one that simply can't wait until you're of age (or your kitty is of age?). Are you trying to get another kitty to be able to mate and birth a baby before a special coat expires? Well, this potion is for you. Just a taste of this potion and your cat will instantly become an adult, able to do all the things an adult cat does!
Its important to remember that adulthood only last 113 days. If your newborn kitty is made an adult, missing 7 days of childhood, it will retire 7 days early as well.

Love Potion: Impatient for your cats to reach the 100% ardor so that they will be ready to mate? Apply one of these potions to the cat that’s ardor is not 100% and the potion will Raise the ardor level to the full 100% that’s required to mate. Can you apply a potion to both cats you want to breed? Yes you can. Keep in mind the potion will raise the ardor to the FULL 100%, not just 25% or 15%. So after potion application you’re cat will be ready to mate.

Stork Potion: Can’t wait to see what your cats kitten will be? Apply this potion to the expectant mom and within a few minutes your new kitten will be born.

Medi-Paw: Is your kitty sick? Apply this potion to the sick kitty and this potion will raise both health and food to the FULL 100%.

Divorce Potion: Did you marry one of your kitties and then wanted to change it after it was done? Apply this potion to a married kitty and they will divorce.

Furrever Feline: Have a kitty that you just love to pieces? Has the kitty reached it’s full breeding capabilities but you’d still like to keep it around? Or maybe it was a special Coat and sending it to purradise is just not something you want to do. Apply a Furrever Feline potion (can not apply to a kitten) and your kitty will be with you Furrever and it won’t require food.