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Getting Started
The Journey of 1000 Ani‑Cats
Begins with a Single Kitten

So let’s get started!
First things first. Head on down to the Ani-Cat store and pick up the following items.

Hud: This is the information station and is needed to interact with your cats.

Cat Bed: This is a required item. The cat bed is where your kitten bundle will appear after the mom gives birth. When you birth a bundle or a starter, the kitten will rez from the bed. Once it is ready it will move to the position the bundle or starter was originally located.

Starters: Starters are the kittens that you will need to get started in Ani-Cats, unless you purchased a cat/kitten from auction or a marketplace. You can choose a single random gender kitten, a single pair, or 2 pair.

Food: Food is required for the health of your cats. One thing to note, kittens do not require food immediately after they are born. They have received all the nutrition they need from their mom. However, they will start to eat once they mature at 7 days old, so its always a good idea to have food out waiting for them when they are ready to eat. Ani-Cats will still try to eat after retirement, unless they are turned into Furr-Ever pets.

If you "Allow Refills" on your food bowl, then you can simply pay the bowl to refill your food without having to return to the store to buy more food.

Milk: Milk is required if you are going to breed your cats. Milk raises your cats heat and heat is required to breed. Ani-Cats will not try to drink milk after the cat retires at 120 days.

If you "Allow Refills" on your milk bottle, then you can simply pay the bottle to refill your milk without having to return to the store to buy more milk.

Ok now that your have all your stuff, take it home rez out your cats and the cat bed.
You can put out the food and milk as well if you’ve purchased it.
Wear your hud.

What’s next? Let’s learn about the HUD, the information station for interacting with your cats.