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Quick Answers to Common Questions


Q: Do I really have to go to the Ani-Cat store to buy food and milk?

A: Well, no you don't. Let me preface that, though, with the thought that everyone LOVES going to the Ani-Cat store! However, we know that your time is valuable, and when you see an empty food dish or milk bottle, you'd like to handle that right then!

Well, simply touch the dish or bottle, and select Allow Refills from the menu. You will be asked to approve DEBIT permissions on that item. Once you've approved the DEBIT permissions, you can pay the dish or bottle, the money will transfer to Ani-Cats, and you'll get a refill applied to your item.

Its important to let you know, you can fill a dish or bottle with as much food and milk as you like. If you're planning a 12 week vacation, you can help your kitties out by making sure they have enough milk and food for those 12 weeks - right from a single dish and bottle!


Q: Will my Ani-Cats eat after they retire?

A: No, at retirement, all Ani-Cats convert to Furr-Ever pets. They will stop eating, drinking and mating at that time.


Q: Will my Ani-Cats ever die?

A: No, Ani-Cats never die. They may get sick from not eating, but that is easily remedied by making food available to them again.


Q: When I touch my cat, no info shows up on the HUD for it, and it won't take commands like setting range or home. Why?

A: Its important to remember that these are animesh cats. Animesh requires that you right click your cat, and then select Touch from the menu.


Q: My friend gave me a cat, but it doesn't show up on the 'My Cat Info' page. Why?

A: We can't tell who the owner of a cat is when someone hands you a cat. However, once you rez that cat, ownership will change over to your account, and the cat's information will be available on your cat info page.


Q: I can't find my cat anywhere. Will you please send me a replacement? I know its number.

A: Since Ani-Cats are 'transfer allowed', you must treat them as if they were cash. Because they can be transferred away, and some breeders might have forgotten they actually gave the cat to someone else, we are unable to replace lost cats. This goes for lost food, milk, potions, beds and HUDs as well.


Q: My cat is showing this image over its body. What does it mean?

A: When you rez out a newer vesion of your Ani-Cat Bed, that bed informs all your cats about the latest version number. Each cat will check to see if it was built from the latest version. If not, it will show you that an update is available. To make the update happen, use the owner menu on your HUD, and select the 'Update Pet' button. The cat will disappear to be updated, rez again from the pet bed, and after about 10 seconds, it will return to its original position.

Conversely, you may simply touch the logo on the new bed, and select 'Update Pets' and let it all get done automatically from there.


Q: My cat is broken, it won't eat at all. Can you fix it?

A: Once you log in to your account, you may file a ticket in the Assistance section. Once you've done that, one of our representatives will reach out to you to send your cat in for a full physical. Once the cat has been released from the Veterinarian's care, it will be returned to you.


Q: Can I only mate my Ani-Cat with cats I own?

A: Of course not. Our staff understands you may desire to mate with another's cat without buying that mate. We support that. You only need to get both cats onto the same region, and do the mating as described here


Q: Who is the best breeder on the grid?

A: Why, isn't it obvious? You are!


Q: My best friend is able to change out the textures on her Ani-Cat bed. My bed won't let me do that. Why?

A: Your best friend didn't tell you their secret, did they? They bought the Premuim Ani-Cat Pet Bed and they're now making use of features found only in the premium bed. However, if your friend told you they have the Super Ultra Secret Premium Bed with Subscription Service, they're pulling your leg. We didn't make that bed. It was too complicated and couldn't pass export licensing requirements for most countries.


Q: Yesterday my cat showed a picture of an empty food bowl. Today, that same cat shows a picture of a cat with a thermometer in its mouth. What do I have to do to fix this problem?

A: Well, yesterday your cat tried to tell you it was hungry and couldn't find food. Today, its so hungry that it got sick. The easy fix is to simply get food rezzed out for your cat and wait for it to recover on its own. However, if you're in a hurry, you can buy the Medi-Paw potion and fix the illness and the hunger at the same time. You can learn about the potions here.
That food bowl image will turn on when the cat's food level drops below 95%, and will go away when the cat's food level rises to a level equal to or greater than 95%.
The sick cat image will turn on when the food level or health level drop below 50%. It will turn off when the cat's food level returns to 90% or higher and the health level gets back above 75%.


Q: Where does my cat poop?

A: Ewww...don't even go there. Ever!