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Breeding Your Ani‑Cat

So you think you’re ready to breed (your cats, silly).
You will need to put out Milk for your cats. The consumption of milk will trigger the Ani-Cat's reproductive system to start working. Initially, this means raising the cat's heat level. Once your cat's heat has reached 100%, that cat is ready to breed.
What does the breeding cycle look like?
  • Gaining heat - 3 days
  • Gestation - 3 days
  • Cool Down - 3 days
  • 9 day cycle with a maximum of 13 litters without potions
The only things that can prevent a mother cat from bearing her kittens once pregnant are illness, retirement (ageing out as 120 days), or being sent to Purradise.
During the normal life of an Ani-Cat, you can reasonably expect to have 13 litters from a female. That can be extended to 15 litters with the use of potions. You may use as many potions as you wish to advance the reproductive cycles of your cats, but after 15 litters, that mother will no longer seek milk, and will bear no more children.
When your Ani-Cats are ready to breed, they give you a few different ways to recognize that fact. A normal cat's hover text is white. However, when ready to breed, the hover text will turn blue for male cats and pink for female cats. Additionally, the text in the hover text will state 'Ready to Breed'. Finally, when the hover text is not being displayed, your Ani-Cat will display a 'thought bubble' over its body indicating that its looking for love.

So, on to the meat of the topic. Now that we've described the breeding life of an Ani-Cat, how do you, the breeder, actually get your cats to do the 'Ani-Cat Tango'? To begin, you will need to have your Ani-Cat HUD attached, and the two cats you wish to pair together must be with you on the same region.


If your HUD isn't already opened, touch it to open it.


Touch the first cat of the pair you wish to mate. This can be the male or the female, at your discretion. At this time, your HUD will move to the 'Single Cat' display, and the trait and stat data for that cat will be shown at the top of the HUD.


Touch the Mate button on the lower right display area of the HUD. That texture looks like this:


After touching the mate icon, you will receive a blue dialog box as part of the first step of the mating process. This box questions whether you wish to Mate or Marry the two pets together.


Once you have selected either Mate or Marry, you will receive a dialog box directing you to touch the pet you wish to mate with the first Ani-Cat. As you touch pets, if they're already mated, or if they're the wrong gender to mate with the selected cat, you will be informed and allowed to touch another cat.


After selecting a suitable mate for your Ani-Cat, you will be shown the Id numbers of each cat and questioned if that is the mating you want. If you touch an Ani-Cat owned by a different breeder, they will get the request to approve the mating, as the other breeder must be involved for this to happen successfully.


Once the mating of two cats has been approved, you will recieve a dialog box pop-up that informs you of the successful mating between the Ani-Cats.


As soon as both cats reach 100% heat, the female will become pregnant and start progressing through the rest of the reproductive cycle.
When the female is pregnant, that status will show in her hovertext, as seen in the picture here.

Aww, little Darcy is gonna be a momma. She’s adorable ♥


Now is a very good time to ensure that the Allow Mating icon is enabled for each cat of this pairing. If that icon isn't selected, these cats will be mated, but one or both of them may not seek out milk because mating was turned off.


Purrturition, or gestation, takes 3 days. You’ll also notice in the picture above that the text has changed to white as she is no longer ready to mate. Her status has changed to Pregnant and below Pregnant you will see the countdown to baby. No more doing the math on your fingers. Her hovertext will tell you exactly how long you must wait to meet her baby, assuming the mother continues to have milk available.

Should you decide that 3 days is too long to wait for the baby, Stork Potions can be purchased in the Ani-Cats Store. Applying a potion will birth the baby almost immediately.


So now you’ve watched the countdown and waited patiently for your kitten, or not so patiently if you’ve used a potion. Your kitten bundle will appear around your cat bed. Once the bundle appears, you can choose to birth the kitten or set it aside for auction or sale in a marketplace.

What do you do with the bundle? Learn about bundles here.

Congratulations! You’ve bred your first Ani-Cat Kitten.
Don't forget to share with everyone in group chat what traits you've found!