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Your Ani‑Cat Bed

The Ani-Cats cat bed is one of the required items for Ani-Cats to function properly, second only to the HUD. The bed will inform your HUD and all your Ani-Cats on the region about the version of Ani-Cat stored in the bed.
The cat bed is where your kitten bundles will appear as a female cat gives birth. The bundles will arrange themselves around the Ani-Cat bed. Any bundles and/or starters that you birth will first appear in the middle of the cat bed. About 10 seconds after appearing in the bed, those new kittens will move to the location their original bundle had been rezzed when they were birthed.
The information your cat bed will provide you with is available by clicking on the Ani-Cats logo on the front of the bed. Once clicked you will get a pop up box informing you of the availability of an update, and if available, giving you a button to request that update.
We currently offer the standard cat bed for FREE, but there are premium beds available from our Bed Vendor. You can choose from 70's flower textures, canvas textures, plaid textures, 'shades of autumn' and 'Christmas Tartan' textures across the 5 available premium beds. As our seamstress makes beds from new material sources, those will also become available on the premium bed vendor.
When you place your Ani-Cat Bed, it communicates to all cats what its version is. With a new bed, eventually all your cats will show that they should be updated. You can do this with the HUD, one cat at a time, if you wish. However, you may also just click the Ani-Cat logo on the Bed, and select 'Update Pets'. This will cause the bed to talk to all the cats, and update those that desire the update. Note: they always desire an update when a new bed is around, until they match the version the bed is offering.
The standard cat bed, the brown one, works exactly the same as the premium bed. The only difference between the two is that the premium bed allows the owner to change the textures with which the bed has been upholstered. We understand that breeders prefer decoration options and have tried to provide you with a premium cat bed that facilitates easy coordination with your decor, or simply allows you to be different in your own special way. ♥
To change the upholstery of your premium bed, simply touch the logo for the bed menu. From that menu, choose 'Upholstery', and then select the fabric you wish to have applied to your bed.
VOILA! You have a decorator bed.
The user menu on the Ani-Cat bed has been updated to offer a new button named 'Recall Cat'. With this button, you can request redelivery of a cat you think isn't working well, or a cat for which you've lost track. If you own the cat called for, it will be redelivered from the cat bed, and the old cat, if finally found, will be invalidated and will self-delete.