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About Ani‑Cats

Ani-Cats offer a wonderful breeding experience due to the choices applied in development. We've been working well over a year to bring Ani-Cats to eager breeders in SecondLife. We've worked to understand features that breeders appreciate, and to stay away from implementations that trigger consternation. Ani-Cats offer a very low load experience for both the region server and the user experence. This is made possible by use of Animesh for animating movement and by creating efficient code that runs only when necessary. Our pets don't suffer from body-part separation when moving around. By not hogging the server's resources, our pets don't inhibit each other, or other creator's pets, from working properly.
For the reasons listed above, you should really consider letting your cats run free. Leave their movements enabled. Let them be animated. That's what gives life to your cats. You're not just paying for the ability to breed for traits, you're paying Linden Dollars to enjoy this creation. We highly recommend that you select 'All Cats' on your HUD and toggle the movement button to ON. That will turn on the Animations at the same time. You may find yourself quite surprised at how much can happen with animesh pets that could never happen with other breedables, or even moveable pets.

Let your Ani-Cats be real cats! Let them move around. Let them have that ability to wag their tails and lick their paws. Let them be free!
As you develop a breeding methodology for your Ani-Cats, you will find your pets either maintaining their previous traits or moving foward along the trait path quite reliably. Yes, there are times your Ani-Cat kitten may regress, but those are low percentage actions.
There are 'easter eggs' to be found during the breeding. By mating the same breed together, you may find your kitten evolves into a new breed of cat. By mating specific breeds and colors together, your Ani-Cat kitten may come out with a solid pattern, but in a color you didn't previously have in your trait lines. Additionally, some of the breed evolutions require mixing two different breeds together, possibly with required colors in that mating as well.
This is the point where you get your sole hint for breeding, and you get it simply because you've chosen to read this far. There are only 3 solid color cats that you might find in your starter Ani-Cats. However, if you find and breed a Solid Cream cat with the other Solid starter colors, you can find yourself with a Bi-Color kitten. With that new breed, you've begun working towards the most elusive of cats...the Siamese.